Notebook UI & notes properties

Hi Andrei,

I don’t understand the notebook UI. When you create a note in a notebook it has the same selector that an action. Next (by default), scheudle, etc… but this is a note! Not an action! I think the only properties a note must have is the tag (for area filtering or label filtering) and the “notes” maybe for a checklist or anything else.
I use to work with Nirvana and this is exactly the way it does.
What do you think about it?

It’s rare, but there are cases when it’s useful to schedule a note. It just means that the note will appear in Focus on a specific day. So we allow notes to be scheduled for a little extra flexibility.

Can you give me an example? It’s confusing

I don’t do it personally, but I assume such cases exist. You don’t need to worry about it if you don’t have any scheduled notes - just ignore this feature until you see a use for it.