Notifications for scheduled tasks

Context reminders could be a real game changer.
If everdo would be self aware of its context (as far as possible)
Even a simple solution like associating a context to one or more devices would be of great help.
Like when you open everdo on your work notebook everdo should suggest something like “hey looks like you are at work, would you like to take a look at your relevant lists/context(s)?”
Following parameters could be associated with contexts/tags

  • current device that is used for everdo
  • Time / repeating like each Friday morning “hey looks like the weekend is coming, take a look at @gardening and short trips”
  • location based either GPS or WiFi, even connected bt devices

That’s the virtual bag in front of the door, you stumble upon every morning, just to be reminded to take it with you.

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On the one hand I understand your point of view but on the other I have hundreds of tasks and still don’t want my to-do app to think instead of me. Of course typical reminders set to particular date and time would be useful but that is enough in my opinion. Nothing fancy;)

In my case I can’t see any better tool to keep my “must do at certain date and time” tasks than my calendar is.

IMHO the to-do app in no way would think for you. It would support your thinking and your decision workflow even better,
David Allen said when he told the story of the bag in front of the door, let your smarter “you” the night before, support your not-so-smart “you” the next morning .
When you setup the context reminders, you still do the thinking for your not so smart future-self,

Of course a partial solution for this can be build with a calendar or other reminder apps and I do it this way anyway, but setting up reminders in another app is extra work and needs extra maintenance and can not offer the one touch access to the needed list.
I’d really love to have this part automated.

Of course it’s more important to form the habit of looking at the right contexts at the right time, but that is something I really struggle with.

I know this nothing we will see soon but we can dream.

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I think you misunderstood my point, maybe because I hijacked this topic for my use case.
I do not talk about specific tasks that have to happen on a specific time and date.

When I say context-reminders I really mean that. Something that reminds you in a somewhat intelligent way to look at specific contexts when it makes sense to do so.
That’s way I quoted only that part from @joshuarobison in the first place.

This has nothing to do with the GTDish hard landscape like the calendar.
In fact I do not care so much about notifications for scheduled tasks, because I rarely really need them and put those tasks onto my calendar.

And this is a part that I prefer to handle on my own. Just personal preferences.

The same :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to discuss with you, but simply, you are not using GTD. IT’s simple. And you are only applying context to a place, but it could be a person, or a tool… the context is not a place, is a limitation. “You just need this to do the next action”.

And i think, maybe your phone is not, but you are smart enough to know when you are home (I do!), you just need to check your @home next actions…

GTD is not an automation method is a method based on “thinking & deciding”.

For me, adding a calendar is not an essential feature and the interesting roadmap is already long. This may weigh down the application and is unrelated to the GTD idea.
Maybe an export ics to the creation of a particular task requiring an event on any calendar?

I agree. Every mobile phone worth their sauce already has that. In iOS its a whole industry, Everdo doesn’t need to be everything and everything to everyone.

Its a pure GTD application to be used in the spirit of GTD as David Allen espouses.

There are plenty of apps to give notifications for folks to their heart content - Omnifocus and Things, and a bunch of other do that.

I agree. The app can’t do everything and anything. As it is right now its great, it needs a few more things but this convoluted method of notifications is not the right path for the app in my humble opinion.

What I think we need is a bit more integration with the native OS of iOS (for me personally), Android, Mac and Windows.

I can welcome this for time specific task ie. like you mention that call after lunch, that’s the hard landscape speaking in pure GTD terms so if Everdo pushes a tasks to a specific calendar (in my Mac you can have a bunch of calendars at once, I assume Windows does that the same but I’m sure other folks can chime in) Then that task will sound via the mobile phone, Apple Watch, or Mac.

But I would not want it AUTOMATICALLY, perhaps a checkbox would be great to push it out but I don’t think its need it for every single scheduled item.

I think this is quite a positive feature and hope it comes in the near future.

Then you have to manage the task in two different apps. Not only that but a calendar needs start time and end time, which is completely different from a task which is only an at point.

You realize there are free apps that already let you set reminders and times on your tasks, right?

I love when I’m riding my bike home from work with my earpiece my phone gives me a reminder, “sorry, this is your task. Buy eggs on your way home.”

On my way to work , before I even get there it says," today you need to meet with Sam."

When I open my next actions list I can see tasks for the day in order of due time. Easy to know what I need to do first, immediately.

It is the only feature that was needed. Lacking both, notifications and the ability to sort tasks by due time just cripples the usefulness and makes more work for the end user.

The only reason that time was not factored into David Allen’s book, is that the book was written before the age of smartphones in their current state and written for using a pad of paper.

Like I said ages ago, if you don’t have timed reminders and sorting and filtering by due time then just use a pad of paper.

I agree with @joshuarobison and @manu about task due time option or reminder for a task. Everybody who want to stick with “classic” GTD method could not use this function, I can’t see any problem here.

I moved to Linux recently and I’m looking for Todoist replacement due to “electron” desktop client and subscription-based model. I got used to use Todoist as my only app and it worked flawlessly for me for a couple of years. In addition to task reminders and location-based reminders (you can set it to trigger notification for a specific task when you, let’s say, moving out from work or coming home) natural language when adding tasks on mobile works great too (something like: "Alex check-in in 3 days at 5pm p1 #checkin). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling that Everdo should be Todoist, but borrow couple of really useful features which anybody could OPTIONALLY use sounds great. I really like the interface of Everdo, how well it’s laid out, the ability to store my data locally and so on. But I also think the ability to add due time to a task will greatly improve workflow for some people.

I tried to use calendar for time-based events several times and every time it failed. I’m an AirBnb host and I’m tracking a lot of check-in’s, check-out’s and other related things in my to-do manager. Very often I need to shift/snooze the task for couple hours after due to late plane or other circumstances and doing this in the calendar is very slow and a bit of pain to be honest. Constant switching between two apps to not to miss some important task is also don’t help for the fluid workflow. I’m fully understand that a lot of people prefer to not be notified and review their “Next” folder manually, but I can’t get why we can’t see time-based option for those who really need it (you can also add the checkbox in the Settings to enable it to not bother those people who are not using this function).

Take a look at the development roadmap . Time-based notifications made it to the List A feature requests. So the commitment to implement this feature already was made.

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Thank you for clarifying. So, let’s wait and hope it won’t take long :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the feature is indeed taking a long time to implement because of technical complications that have arisen.

Regarding the functionality itself, I think it’s helpful and it can be used in a way that doesn’t contradict GTD.

@Andrei Thank you for the reply, Andrei. I hope it won’t take very long.

Time based reminders are not anti-classic GTD. Time reminders did not exist at the time the GTD book was written. phones and tablets were not in the book either. The book does not specify to use a pen or pencil either. All of these things are "aids’’ to assist in classic GTD. timed reminders assist classic GTD just as much as a pencil and eraserdo…

I think this is fake history!
The book was released 2001, the first blackberry phone was released in 1999, the first palm pilot was released in 1996, Nokia Communicator even earlier. All of them could be synced to software like outlook… and don’t forget paper based calenders…

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