Everdo Development Roadmap and Backlog

Status of the major things

Status ETA Feature
:white_check_mark: Done Desktop Apps: Windows, Linux, Mac
:white_check_mark: Done Network Sync
:white_check_mark: Done Encrypted Sync Service
:white_check_mark: Done Everdo for iOS
:white_check_mark: Done Everdo for Android
:gear: In Progress List A Features (see below)

Below are some of the upcoming features roughly grouped by priority. Some features may end up being implemented out of order when it’s convenient. Within each group, items are not prioritized and will be implemented in the order that makes more sense at the moment.

There are also ongoing bug fixes on all platforms. They affect releases and some features may get included into bug fix releases totally out of order, based on estimated effort to implement.

Some features touch only one platform, others touch several, some touch the syncing code and the ESS. All this complicates planning a lot. This is why it’s really difficult to provide any more detail than this. There’s just not enough information before the actual design is done on each set of features.


List A

  • Android: Shortcut widgets
  • Informative sync status indication
  • Full keyboard control for the editor
  • Supporting x-callback-url
  • Set due date relative to the repeating date
  • Add the option to schedule actions by setting the due date as opposed to the start date
  • Add the option to group projects by Area in the navigation section
  • Global hotkey for inbox capture
  • Implement some missing inline commands: tagging, scheduling, move to parent, etc
  • Clone/duplicate items on mobile
  • Improve tag inheritance behavior
  • Limited markdown support in item descriptions
  • iOS Keyboard shortcuts
  • iOS Quick add widget
  • Android: Voice capture

List B

  • There should be an option for waiting for actions to block Next (see Waiting For Projects - #15 by chrisjrichards)
  • Android: the navigation drawer to include projects and contexts (as in iOS and desktop)
  • Set/remove focus from within the editor
  • Custom views / stored filters
  • “No tags” and “No contexts” filters
  • Notes section in a project (maybe)
  • Email-based inbox (via ESS sync)
  • Android: focus/next widget
  • Browser extension for clipping (maybe)
  • IFTTT integration (or similar)
  • Group Scheduled by day of week for current week (option)
  • Redesign swipe actions on mobile
  • One-way calendar integration (push)

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What does this entail? I didn’t find a discussion on this or a mention of it.

In Omnifocus I use a script to export my completed items of the day (to Evernote). Been looking how I can capture my done items in Everdo. Copy & paste doesn’t work.

I was thinking along the lines of

  1. report where you can specify a timeframe and then export/download a list of completed tasks/projects
  2. a visual way to see how much is being done just for fun/gamification, maybe something like todoist does with karma

I’m going to make a lot more research on this once it’s scheduled. We can create a dedicated feature topic as well.


The ability to export view as text has been added. It might help in cases like this. Everdo Update 0.17.0 Export View as Text, Inline Commands- Everdo

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Development Status Update

It’s been a quiet here lately, so I thought I’d share some info about the state of Everdo development.

Version 1.0 and Sync

At this moment all efforts are dedicated to developing sync ASAP.
So far it’s taking longer than expected, but I’m confident it will get finished in February. Network/Wi-fi sync will be in v1. Cloud-based a bit later.

Minor releases in Jan-Feb

Until sync is out, there will be one or two smaller releases with bug fixes and quick improvements from the backlog. Things like inline commands, usability improvement, etc.

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May I ask about the focus on sync? I understood Everdo to be a desktop-first to-do app that doesn’t rely on cloud hosting. I don’t want cloud storage. I don’t need collab features. I don’t need a mobile app. I use it at my desk at work on Windows. This is the niche I see Everdo filling.

Many people have a desktop and a laptop for work. Almost everyone wants to be able to at least enter tasks on the go via a smartphone and not have to manually replicate them. At this moment, sync is considered the most wanted feature, followed by a mobile app (which is impossible without sync as well). This affects priorities. In any case, sync is 85% done. It will most likely come out in the nearest release.

There will be no cloud storage or collab features. Only an optional way to sync via a central Everdo sync server. It will be useful to users who want to sync multiple devices in different networks.

Everdo aims to be a future-proof, frictionless app. Being usable only on one device is hardly any of those things.


Given the spirit of the app is somewhat to eschew reliance on specific third party services, will there be the ability to sync via third party services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or the like?

Unfortunately, file sync services like Dropbox won’t be a good fit for the kind of data Everdo needs to store. It can be done in theory, but it’s too fragile to rely upon.

It’s true that we’d like to avoid dependency on a specific cloud for the core functionality.
This is why syncing over a local network is going to be released first. It will allow the user to sync multiple devices without relying on any cloud.

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Hi there, I am a little lost. Is syncing, better networking features already implemented, or not?
We are just two, but would need to sync. Please let me know, if and when yes, how I can this make happen.

No, it’s not out yet. The network sync feature is at final testing and performance tuning stage. It should really be soon.
You’ll know as soon as it’s out if you subscribe to emal list here.

Dear Andrei,

You app look wonderful. Given that at my job we are obliged to use Iphones, this is the only reason that prevents me from using it. As everyone under 30 I tend to live on my phone. Any idea when it will be available on ios?

Thank you,

Hi Jo!
Best case - beginning of 2019. Worst case - summer 2019.

@Andrei, have you seen SyncBits? The authors of MoneyWiz made this for the exact reason you mention: you don’t sync files, you sync smaller items. Would SyncBits be a possible sync option? It’s a free service (at the moment).

There are technical reasons this wouldn’t work. I can elaborate if you’d like.
In any case, a third party cloud sync service does not solve much - even if it works, it will be inferior. We are already making a sync service which is encrypted, lightning fast and seamless.
Regarding a service being offered for free, I’m skeptical of such claims. I just read that as “can be discontinued at any time” or “will sell your data”. Things that take human effort and someone’s funds to develop and maintain cannot be truly free for long.


Hi Andrei, happy new year 2019!!!

Is there any (tentative) date for an iOS beta app? I am desperate for bringing Everdo to the field! :sweat_smile: