Obsidian usage in your system

Hey friends,

Anyone here has experience with obsidian as tool to capture connecting thoughts or as reference tool? Looking for some GTD like experience :grimacing:


Hello Martijn

I have been using Obsidian heavily for more than six months for note taking and as a general reference system. It is by far the best app for this purpose that I have tried.

The way I integrate it into GTD is simple. When needed, I create a project page in Obsidian and link to it from a corresponding Everdo project.

However for the most part, I just use Obsidian for note-taking when studying technical and mathematics books. I create one page per concept or project and create Index-like pages that provide a big picture and link to many other related concepts. The key is to not capture trivial details, but only the main ideas, insights and connections to other concepts. These things are not easy to google directly, which makes the such notes valuable. Also I think it’s important to only start taking notes after you have a mental picture of a concept, not while your are still reading about.

There are many articles online with the best practices for using systems like this if you google for Zettelkasten - Wikipedia


Thanks - will check it out :+1::+1: