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I use everdo to manage the tasks of all my projects but I manage the documentation of these projects in a note taking application called Joplin. It allows me to create callback links to open the notes from another application.


I put these links in the description of an everdo project and just click on them to open the corresponding note. It works fine on the desktop application but it doesn’t work on android. Would it be possible to allow the android app to open links to other apps installed on android as well (joplin for this example) :thinking:

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I actually thought this should work… At least if you put a triple-slash, the links get highlighted. I will try myself.

In my case it offers to edit the content but the link is not clickable.

This may be a defect then, I will create a ticket to do more testing.

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Just fyi: unfortunately it also doesn’t work in the iOS apps. For example, I’d like to use „message://„ links to open mail, which works from other apps, but in everdo those links are not clickable

I tested it in the Android app and it does work. I couldn’t find a way to generate a joplin:// link, but evernote:// works as expected. When it comes to iOS, I’m afraid this is not implemented.

Thanks for the response!
Would it be possible to add this to the iOS apps? Or is not implemented in the framework at all?
Would be really great to have and make my switch from Things complete.
I have the links working on Linux and Mac, only iPhone is missing right now!

Thanks for the great app!