Open work process on other applications

Hi all,

The arrival of “quick capture” allows you to send tasks to Everdo very quickly, but do any of you have useful scripts/addons/extensions that allow you to extract data from Everdo and integrate it with other applications ? Notes applications for example.
I’m curious about the processes of the jobs.
Have a nice day.

I use voice capture even more than “quick capture”

Right now the “Copy View as Text” works perfectly to put items into Logseq

The text is formatted with line breaks and naturally imports to a spreadsheet as well. Of course it could be manipulated with regex as well.

For me, I only occasionally import a full project into Logseq, so programmatic scripting isn’t really worth it for the value over the current 2 second operation

For some, maybe a script to export tasks and email them to people as tasks could be a thing. That might be worth automating. Or exporting tasks into a groupwork application. But these are big integration questions that are usually very context dependant and thus solutions don’t usually apply to large sections of the user base.

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It would be great to be able to send to logseq automatically the focus list in the journal page of the day

Logseq being an open platform has an ecosystem of developers. This is for clipping text from web pages. An exporter from Everdo could be similar.

But given limited development resources, perhaps the manual approach could work. With Everdo and logseq both open, it took me 11s to transfer the focus list to logseq. Manually would only work when you’re around, but if you’re not around, will you process the focus list in logseq anyway?

n.b. it is a cool transfer. Loqseq picks up tasks as blocks and checklists become lines under the appropriate blocks. Tags are even enclosed in () if any further processing was desired.

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