Everdo size limits: So useful for voice Collection when reading books

I’ve prototyped using voice dictation and Everdo to generate notes on a book (Peak Mind, by Amishi Jha…goes deep into the recent science of GTD “Mind Like Water” among other things). Collection of important details/Actions/Someday/Ticklers was all done offline by Google Voice typing.

The friction was so low compared to typing/looking at a screen/possible computer interrupts like messages Just speaking my thoughts reduced the task switching cost from reading greatly. I felt much more productive and moved through the book much more quickly than normal with greater comprehension. I generated 50 items in Everdo for about 1/4 of the book. Maybe 200 items per book might be in order. These 200 would be a decent Notebok for reference in addition to all the tasks generated.

Over time, the Everdo database could grow to thousands of Items in Notebooks. What are hard limitations here? Soft limitations (slowing down, interface responsiveness drop). Also, do these limits vary across platforms (say Linux vs Android)

n.b. The Everdo “Copy View as Text” works fantastically to transfer these items to Logseq (my Personal Knowledge Management tool). Simple copy and paste. Each item shows up as a new paragraph in Logseq (the desired behavior) as well as including the text “[parent project]” which helps when managing the information. PKM and GTD apps serve different roles, so there is a reason to have this information in both places.

I don’t think there are any hard limits. It’s plausible that the user interface may slow down when rendering or filtering huge lists. I think the number of items in a single list (such as a notebook) matters more than the overall size of the database. The database size mostly affects the startup time.


Are there limits to the size on a Task title? Dictated notes come out as titles and could get verbose.

There aren’t any limits, I think, and if you find any, they’ll get removed because they shouldn’t exist.

Thanks. That’s handy. Today I dictated a voice note that was over 500 char as the title with no issue.