Option to postpone a task for one day or one week

In the menu that pop ups up in the task editor under “Scheduled” (with “Set start date” and Make repeating") there should be options “Schedule for tomorrow”, “Schedule for next week”, “Schedule for next month”. Maybe there should be even hotkeys for this.

This is particularly important when a task has been already scheduled and has become focused. In this case the focus must be removed as well. Doing this (re-scheduling and removing focus) manually or with an inline command “:s 7 :f 0” is a bit too cumbersome for such a frequent action.

Tasks tend to pile up in the focus list faster than you can complete them. Soon the focus list becomes so cluttered that you don’t want to look at it. To avoid this, I postpone the less important or less urgent tasks so that the focus list never grows beyond 5 to 7 items.

That is exactly what I’m struggling with. Because the postponing is so cumbersome the focus list tends to grow out of hand regularly.

I agree. It’s already in the Android app, so it would be good to reflect that in the desktop version.

Oh, didn’t notice that it’s already in the Android app. Good to know. But it still has some flaws:

  • If I change the scheduled day in the Android app, it is not reflected on the desktop (acting as server) after a local sync. (Same problem with “tomorrow” and changing the date in the calendard.) Looks like a bug to me. The iOS app seems to have the same problem.
  • When I set the day to tomorrow, the task still stays focused, I still need to manually remove the focus. I would expect the “tomorrow” action to automatically unfocus.
  • It is still nested too deeply for such a frequent action. From the list view I need to 1. tap task (go to edit mode), 2. tap “start date”, 3. tap “tomorrow”. 4. go back to list . (And currently also 5. tap the star to unfocus.)

Yes, that’s a little annoying

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I’d suggest postponing/rescheduling as a swipe gesture inside the list.


Any updates in this one?

I think it would be nice to have an option to defer a action more easily in the desktop app without opening the full editor. I’m unsure about the mechanism.

Maybe a contextual menu item to trigger a date picker dialog. Possibly a keyboard shortcut to do the same?

Also don’t forget that you can schedule any task for tomorrow by dragging it directly to Scheduled.

Postponing to tomorrow or one week later are probably the two most frequent actions. These should be easy to execute. When dragging to “Scheduled” it would be useful if a date picker is shown that does not only contain a calendar, but also usual picks like “tomorrow”, “next week”, “next month”. The focus should also be automatically removed when postponing. This does not happen currently. When using a context menu, the options “Postone 1 day”, “Postpone 1 week” and “Postpone to …” with a date picker dialog all as top level menu entries would be great.

I think this would be an enhancement worth having. Will try to have a go at the implementation soon.