Order/sort projects

Hi Andrei,

Could it be possible to order/sort projects please - either manually (as is the case for actions) or automatically alphabetically.

Projects in the left pane are currently sorted by date of creation. This becomes problematic when the list expands - especially when sorting the Inbox. Here all areas are likely to be visible (given the universal nature of the inbox) so using the drag n drop feature also involves looking down a list sometimes in the 10s of projects.


@arete, you can actually sort the projects. Just click on the “PROJECTS” heading in the sidebar, and then move them using the grabber in the main pane, just like can your order tasks.

Indeed you can!

Thanks @Cito - I was trying to do it directly in the sidepane

You can also click on the six dots on the left of each project to select it, then use SHIFT and the up/down arrow keys to reorder which I find really useful.

Also true :smiley:

Thanks @chrisjrichards

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Also you don’t need to click at all if you use g to select the top-most project. As of 1.5.8.

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