Paid for a year of Everdo Sync Service and only valid for 30 days

I’ve just paid for one year of the Sync service, and it only shows me 30 days on my account.
My user account is:

Hello Gabriel,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Your subscription has been extended.

Do you by any chance have a link to the page you used to extend? Please send it to me via a private message if possible.

Hi, I don’t find the option to send private messages.

To extend the subscription I used a link that I received on my email telling me that my subscription was about to expire.

The link that I received in the email is this one:

Another thing, now that we are talking here… I’m trying to setup the encrypted sync service but I can’t do it, every time I click on “setup sync” (top right corner), and then “begin setup” (on the window) it keeps showing this message:

“Please confirm your email address to activate the sync account. A verification link has been sent to your email address.”

And I already have clicked the verification link like 5 times…

Please can you help me set up the encrypted sync service?

Thank you.

It seems that the forum does not let me send the link in the previous message…

Forget about the sync problem, I managed to do it, it is working fine now.

Thank you.