Participate in Encryption Sync Service closed test

The Encrypted Sync Service (ESS) is now functional. I would like to invite more users to try it out before final release.

ESS is a more user-friendly and friction-less alternative to network sync. It allows you to sync Everdo data on any number of your devices over the Internet without compromising privacy.

Please check out the encrypted sync service guide for more info on ESS.

Each participant gets a six-month ESS subscription. Once the subscription ends, you can either renew, or go back to network sync.

If you are interested, please PM your email so that I can authorize your sign-up and notify you when the test starts.

Any questions are welcome as well.


Hi Andrei,

This is excellent news!

There is one thing missing from the info though, have you finalized pricing for the service yet?

Not 100% accurate, but it’s going to be close to 1EUR/month


Is there an estimated date for the start of the test?

More people signed up than expected :slight_smile: The plan is to start inviting the first few users this week, then everyone else next week if all goes well.