Paypal payment option

Can you add PayPal as a payment mechanism to register for the pro version? Thanks!

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Unfortunately, this will not be possible in the near future because of the way Paypal works.

why can I not pay by paypal?
(one might even setup subscriptions, like netflix)

I do not own a private credit card.
Willing to pay, what shall I do?

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I would also like to use PayPal to avoid giving out my credit card information directly.
If the reason you are avoiding PayPal is because they charge an extra fee for the transaction, I’m willing to pay a higher amount to compensate for it. Thanks!

EDIT: Never mind, I just paid with a credit card. For those who have privacy concerns about giving out their credit card number directly, using something like ShopSafe is a good alternative to PayPal. Anyway, I’m so excited to use Everdo Pro!!!

Maybe you can integrate Mollie Payments (
I have seen this at a website I worked on. And it looks it covers / is supporting a lot of countries and payment methods.