[Pending Release] Editing scheduled task date on iOS freezes the app

When editing any scheduled task I tried, the app freezes in this screen:

After a while it crashes and closes.

iOS 15.6.1
Everdo 1.6.3-1

Let me know if I can provide more details

Hi! Was the item created on another device, or are you trying to create in the mobile app?

They were created on desktop a long time ago (maybe macos or windows, can’t recall), and I just wanted to edit them on mobile to check if “Do not repeat until previous iteration complete” was checked and check it if it wasnt.

Thanks, this is helpful. What if you create a new repeating action on the phone, does it also cause a freeze?

When creating the task (from the phone) the repeating date screen works fine, but once created if I edit it and try to change the repeating settings it also freezes.

I’m actively looking into this. Was the screenshot you provided taken during an actual freeze?

Yep :+1: right as it was unresponsive

A fixed version will be released soon. Thank you for your help in tracking down the cause!

Thanks for the quick fix! Let me know if you want me to verify the fix once it is released