Persistent data throughout creation of an item

I am a vimmer, and as a habit it is ingrained into me to use the ESC key. A lot. Problems arise when I come into Everdo and my habits persist. Mainly when I am creating inbox items, and I instinctively hammer on ESC as I finish a thought.

I could only guess at how the application is constructed, but would it be a large investment to allow data to persist throughout the whole process of creating an item?

I realize I am probably among a small group of folks who share this problem, but I thought it worthwhile to ask especially if it is just a minor tweak to the code.


Do you mean you esc out of the editor? I do use vim bindings myself everywhere and I do close the editor sometimes when editing a note :slight_smile: But it’s not very often.

I think having the ability to abort changes is valuable, unless we have a granular property-level undo functionality (which is far too complicated as a solution to this issue).

Yes! apologies, I forgot about <> being interpreted as markdown. I’ve edited for clarity.

I use the Trello app, which has the functionality I’m describing. If I’m writing text inside a card and hit escape, it will close the editor and there will be no text there. But if I open it up again, my text will be there.

I actually think I agree with you though, because now that I think about it, Everdo and Trello work a bit differently. I agree there is value in discarding an item as you are creating it. It would be too time consuming to try and discard a note, then try to create a new item but have to delete all of the text of the item you were trying to discard.

I think Trello works well in this circumstance because notes in Everdo are more generic, whereas in Trello cards are more for a specific purpose—you would likely just delete the card if you are trying to discard information.

I think probably the best solution is to just learn to live with it then :smile: