Please keep items schedule for today in the scheduled list

It is aggravating that you remove items which are scheduled to start TODAY from the scheduled list.
Please at least allow us the option to keep them in the list.
Why do I need to run around hunting for everything?
Just keep them in the same list and don’t break them up.
If people don’t want to see them just add a carrot ^ > menu to the groupings so that today , tomorrow etc can be collapsed but for the sake of all creation do not break up items which are scheduled for today from items scheduled for tomorrow.

I see that items scheduled for today are sent to the FOCUS list.
That is fine but please by all that is holy and good in the world do not break them out of the scheduled items list. :man_facepalming:

I’m not sure I understand. An action is either scheduled or active. Why should an active (next) action appear as scheduled?

  1. because although it is active it is scheduled for today. It being active does not stop it from being scheduled. And just because something is ‘scheduled’ does not mean that it will not change to ACTIVE status suddenly if I feel I can squeeze it in
  2. also I need to see today items with tomorrow items because it helps me manage how much I can actually do today verse if I need to swap something due tomorrow with something due today. Maybe a today item can me moved to tomorrow but if they are not in the same list then I cannot compare today with tomorrow without clicking on two different menues.

Why are you making all this work? Just put them in the same list like every other todo app does so that we can manage dates and make decisions.

Not everyone has big brain like you to manage dates in your mind. I need to see all of the things in front of me and manage them in the same list.

Then once I do that I can click on an @context (which is sorted by date) and boom! I know what I need to do that moment.

All you did was make the scheduled list and then you erased TODAY items from that and made a new list with only TODAY items and called that FOCUS.

just make them one view. why do i need to toggle back and forth back and forth between focus and scheduled. T_T

I need to see them all together sorted by date.