Pop-up windows when dragging items into Schedule or Waiting lists

I would like to suggest adding pop-up windows when dragging items into Scheduled and Waiting lists.
Respectively to choose start date or contact.
It should be the same when we use dragging in a bulk selection.

The keyboard shortcut to add a due date is setting a date for Today. It should also use a pop-up window to choose the date. It doesn’t make sense to add a due date for Today and do this Today :wink:

Any thoughts about this?

I would like to remind this topic.

I’m sorry to be the only writer on this topic but I believe it is vital for productivity improvement. Any thought ladies and gentlemen?

So far, to move things out of inbox or schedule it / put it to waiting, I always opened the task and “moved” it from there. I guess the workflow could be optimized with the pop-up, though. I can imagine it to be a bit faster and (more importantly) more fun, and this seems to be one of DA’s core principles: fun tools. :slight_smile: