Possible to move a project to another area?

Possible to move a project to another area?

Didn’t find anything or maybe I can’t find it?


Yes, you can remove the tag for one area and replace it with a tag for a different area.

Thanks , tried that but doesn’t work.

Also all projects are unassigned…still trying to figure out how to assign to an area…

Okay, I’m not sure where the snag is so I’m going to list the steps as if starting from scratch.

  1. Create the Area by hitting T and typing the name in the window that pops up. Make sure to change the tag from label to area in the drop down menu to the right of the tag’s name.
  2. Assign the new Area tag the way you would normally assign a tag. Either in the tag’s box or by inline command.

To change areas:

  1. Create the tag for the new area if needed
  2. Remove the old Area tag from the project
  3. Assign the new Area tag

If this isn’t working then there might be a bug.

Note that the areas apply everywhere except for “inbox” because in any GTD workflow it is at the time of sorting “inbox” that we assign an area of belonging.