Pressing enter when creating tag causes strange error window

OS: Manjaro Linux XFCE
everdo version: 1.6.1
kernel: 5.10.98-1-MANJARO

Synced device:
Model: Moto G5 (Android)

Saved a screenshot of the bug

Using Manjaro. When creating a new tag instead of clicking on button to create tag I pressed enter instead and a strange error window comes up that should not. It says “Failed to open URI” […]. The important part is down the lines it says “file:///opt/Everdo/resources/app.asar/index.html?”. I checked and app.asar directory does not exist. I can then acknowledge it and click the button like I am supposed to.

What it should do:
Enter button should create the tag instead?


Confirmed, this should not be happening.
To create a tag you can use “Click to create”.

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This is going to be fixed in the upcoming release.