Printing support

Hi there,

Are there any plans to implement printing support?


Hello! What do you mean by printing specifically?

Hi Andrei,

Currently I use Korganizer as my main todo’s only for the reason, that I can print my todo’s list and take it with me to the meetings for example. I am new to Everdo and like it very much, it could become my main TODO app, but I badly need printing functionality. So I decided to check if such functionality will be implemented at any time in everdo?

Thank you


It looks a lot different in terms of functionality compared to Everdo…

But when it comes to just printing task lists, it’s already possible to export a list/project as text, which you can then print from any text editor. This is done by clicking a button at the top of the list, in the filter section. 2020-01-20-06:16:56-select