Prioritizing Areas and Projects

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Still new to GTD, maybe this question has been already answered:

How do you prioritize Projects or Areas?

I found myself switching through 5 areas a lot (4 are for my main work related workstreams, basically 4 different projects, 1 household area"). Maybe I use too many areas. I am still not sure if I summarize all my work related workstreams into one area or into 4 seperate…I feel like spending hours per day just looking through my next steps and areas instead of doing someting.

Is there a possibility to rearrange the Areas? they are not movable at the top bar.
Also the Projects are not movable. I would like to have the most important Projects within one area at the top, same for the areas?

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Hi Shadowk.

First, priorities are not really part of “pure” GTD. Instead context, available time and energy narrow down on what you should work at a given moment. That said, you can implement priorities as tags. E.g. you can make tags “!A”, “!B” and “!C” vor the three priority levels, and then filter only for “!A” priorities.

If you find yourself switching between areas then this is a sign that you didn’t pick the right areas. Usually you should only work in one area at a given time. E.g. “Work” and “Home” - you are either at home or at your workplace. Well, at least it was like that before Corona. You can easily change the type of the tags though. Just press “T” to open the tag manager, and then demote your areas to normal labels, or promote other labels that are more suitable to areas.

I think the areas are sorted alphabetically. If needed, you can create a specific order by naming them like “1 Home”, “2 Work”. But I don’t think it’s necessary that the areas are ordered.

You can order the projects by clicking on the title “PROJECTS” in the sidebar. Then you can rearrange them in the main area to the right by using the handlebars, just like you can rearrange tasks.

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The way areas are intended to be used is that you pick one area at a time and then execute its tasks.

So Area is the first level of filtering that reduces the scope of all your possible work at any given time. You can think of Areas in Everdo as merely a user experience element rather than a core GTD concept. It makes managing a large amount of tasks easier by getting the irrelevant items out of the way.

Also please check out How to Define and Use Everdo Areas Effectively- Everdo if you haven’t seen it already.

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Thank you @Andrei

I read that one already and it helped me, now after a few days and a little bit of rearranging it does make sense.
I hope you will continue your articles as mentioned, they are extremely helpful