Program freezes after 10 seconds (since update to 1.5.3?)

After upgrading to version 1.5.3, I’ve experienced that the program freezes after 10 or so seconds, no matter what I do in between.

In the time before the freeze, I can use everything normally. Afterwards everything has stopped working, the program window goes completely white after 1 min and my only option is to close Everdo via the “X” button.

I have encountered a similar behavior in the Android app, however here the app closed itself after 10 seconds with a standard Android error message.
The problem on the phone disappeared when the tasks were purged by reinstalling the app. However, I cannot reconnect the app to ESS service anymore as I cannot use the desktop program long enough to do so.

I have read in the forum , that a similar behavior was observed before that is connected to repeating tasks.

Please advise how to proceed without losing any data, if possible.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Sync via ESS

Quick update:

I’ve managed to get Everdo to run stable again by quickly deleting all recurring tasks step-by-step in the 10-second window I got before freezing.

After emptying the trash, the program was fine again and the Android app as well.

Just curious what exactly might have caused the problem…

It’s unlikely that this is caused to 1.5.3 since your Android app was affected as well.

Most likely one of your repeating items had a logical error introduced when creating/editing an item because of a bug in one of the apps. You could have created the bad item a while ago, but it did not cause trouble because it was not soon to repeat.

There are ways to debug and handle such issues without any loss of data, for example by temporarily disabling the scheduler component using disableScheduler: true in the config.

I would like to understand the root cause better, but if the troublesome item is gone, then we can’t learn much more for now.

Thanks for your reply, Andrei!

Yes, I agree that having the problematic item still in the program would be rather helpful.

I’m vaguely aware of what might have caused it, though. And since this was an item quite elemental for my work, it’s entirely that I’ll create it again.

I’ll get back to you, in case it happens again. :slight_smile: