Project action count in app and checked items

Hi there,
I noticed a bug when creating a project in the app (latest version). After I added some actions, the project still listed ‘0 actions’. I could recreate the same issue when creating a notebook with notes in it. While the error occurred, the server (ie my laptop) was not running. I attached a screenshot.

Another thing: recently I checked an item by mistake while using the app. I wanted to get it back, but could not find the ‘done’ section at the bottom of the lists or in the menu. Then I wanted to search for the item to uncheck it but could not find a search function either. Maybe I just did not see it, but if it is not implemented yet, those two features would be great to have for the app as well. (to solve my problem, I created an action telling me to revive the task once I am opening Everdo on my laptop, kind of a meta-task :smile: )

A last small suggestion: The issue with scheduled, repeating items that occur twice in the ‘next’ section when the first one was not finished seems to appear quite often in the forum. A solution could be to not copy the whole thing but to create a ‘counter’ that tells you how often the item is in the next section. Because when it tells you to clean the bathroom, it makes no sense to clean it up twice, but when it reminds you each week, say, to transform money to someone, you definitely want to know how often you missed it. If the first item was changed during the week, I think the new reminder should be copied as a whole though.

By the way, I enjoy Everdo a lot and would like to thank you for the great implementation and the constant improvements and effort you put into it!

Pictures to first issue: Adding some actions:

Going back to the list:

This has been fixed in today’s update. Thank you for reporting!

Looks like the “Done” section doesn’t appear in the Next list. This should definitely be fixed.

Yes, search is not done yet.

You’re right. As far as I remember the solution so far is to add another option for scheduling which takes this issue into account. There are appropriate cases for both types of behavior.