Project selector width is too short for long project names

The project selector width is too short for long project names, see screenshot. There is no chance to find out the exact name of the project

I often have project names like
#Ticket-1234567 long title- customer name”
So I don’t even have the change to read the complete title and see what customer the project is related to.


Yes I have mentioned that in the early access section.
Definitely need to be changed.

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I have entered this as a bug. Originally I didn’t think it’s much of an issue since the field is intended to be searched. However I agree that it should be fixed if possible.

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Any new on this one?

It didn’t look reasonably easy to fix last time I checked because of how the component works. The best that can be done is having a well styled horizontal scrollbar for the overflowing projects. However the usefulness of that is not clear. I think for now better to focus on something else.

I’d suggest placing the project selector between the tag selector and the note field. This way the project selector would benefit entirely from the native available screen estate.

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