Project specific information

When I create a project, I usually also create notebook with same name, and I put the information in connection in this project, so I can find later easily the information for the given project. Eventually I mark the project done, and during a cleanup I remove those projects.

Unfortunately there is no strong connection between the projects and the notebooks. It would be nice, if I could somehow create information that connected tightly together with project, so when I put a project on the maybe list, those information also would go to a separate area, so I wouldn’t see them among the “normal” notebooks, or when I deleted a project, the connected notebooks would be also deleted.

From UI point of view, probably the would be, if the project specific informations were right under the project.

This make sense. Not sure what could be a good solution without drastic changes.

Maybe the ability to optionally link a notebook to a project, which would make the notes show up under the project view.

I had the same idea. Even though, as a user, I find a little bit uncomfortable to link a notebook and a project manually, I think it’s a good compromise, if it makes the implementation easier.