Push is too easy to trigger by mistake

I use my Working Laptop as my Server and my phone to quickly take notes. Today i accidentally pressed “Push everything to Server” on my Phone.

This caused all my changes i made on the server to disappear getting overwritten by the phone version.

Which is just a horrible thing to happen…

Normally if you would push something to the server and it encounters the same object it should just create some kind of duplicate so you still have both versions.
Kind of annoying if you are so dependent on all the stuff you put in there (todays meeting will be fun… i have no idea how many changes i made to my notes…) just to get overwritten by such a minor mistake.

I hope this will be changed in the future.

Sorry that happened. I think it’s a good idea to require a confirmation for push/pull actions, so that will be more difficult to do by accident.

Otherwise, the behavior seems correct.

This wouldn’t work because the whole point of push is to make the state equal on both devices.

This is true. You are right, it would be great to not be able to push/pull by accident :slight_smile: