Question about move completed items to archieve

Hi andrei,

i know that the windows version already have this feature, i just wish to ask about this sceanario:
In some project i have 3 completed items a, b and c which are already folded in done.

in a and b, i create a list inside which need update again and again. although a and b are completed today, they may be updated tomorrow and become incompleted then.

for c, it is completed and will be not updated anymore.

so i need a and b continue to apear in done and for c, i just wish to move it to archieve. how to do this? i just find the option “move completed items to archieve” which moves all.

just come up with a temporary solution: i can uncheck the mark to make a and b disappear from done, and click “move completed items to archieve”, this only moves c.

anyway, i think it would be more straight forward if there’s an option to move selected completed items to archieve (just like delete button), since if i have some completed items in different projects or areas, i need examine all of them to do the uncheck - move to archieve - check. after uncheck, it might mess with those tasks which are really incompleted at present…

On Desktop, you should be able to drag-and-drop individual items and project to Archive. Have you tried that?

You can also un-archive something by dragging it from Archive to Next

just tried and yes it works, thanks!

You are welcome. On Android, it’s even easier by swiping a done item.