Question about repeated actions

I have a question about the repeating tasks.
I want to create a task that shows up 4 weeks after completion with no specific date. On Android my first intuition was to choose under “repeat action” → “weekly” → “every 4 weeks” , a starting date and of course the new function “do not repeat until the previous…”. I do not pick a specific day of the week, because in my case it doesn’t matter. But now the app tells me that I have to specify some days of the week.

I found out that i can choose under “daily” for example “every 28 days” which are 4 weeks. But I do find it a little bit inconvenient to count the days for this purpose. Is there a way that we can choose under “weekly” for example “4 weeks” and get the same behavier as under “daily” for “every 28 days”? Or do I missed something?

You didn’t miss anything. The 28 days approach is indeed the way it has to be done in the current implementation.

I think I understand your expectation, but the Weekly repeating type does require a specific day of week, because the logic for calculating the schedule is tied to the concept of specific days of week.

It almost seems like the Daily option simply needs to understand different units for the period, so that you could specify ‘1w’ in the every field to get 7 days for example.

Yes, that would be nice!