Read-Only API Features

I’ve seen lots of requests for ways to programmatically add tasks, but is there, or can we get, an effort to create an API to read tasks/projects/tags?

I want to integrate some of my task data into other stuff (in my case, a heads up board for my life), and it would be awesome to have the ability to access that data in a sane way. Even something as simple as doing a SELECT * and dumping it as JSON is probably enough for me.

In the meantime, is there a decent way to get to the data? Is it safe to access sqlite while Everdo is running if it’s only for reads? Does sqlite have all the data, or is it merely a cache of what has been accessed?

For read-only use cases I would suggest database querying. Sqlite always has all the data and it’s safe to execute read-only queries. The schema is simple and stable, so you can probably extract what you need easily and with great flexibility.