Recurring item disappears before day is over

Last week I made a recurring item for once a week on Saturday. I viewed the Scheduled listing and saw it there for today. I have not completed it and it is still Saturday, but there are no items listed for today. I do see it listed for next Saturday, but I thought it would remain listed for today until I checked it off or until the day passed. Should that be the way it behaves?

I am using Linux version 1.2.2 and did not notice if this was happening with an earlier version.

Thank you.

Do you mean in Focus? Repeating actions should be copied and automatically added to Next and Focus based on the template which is stored in Scheduled. The template action that you created in Scheduled is never actually completed or moved anywhere - it just serves as a template for repeating actions and stores the repeating schedule.

Does this make sense?

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Ah, this is better than I realized! The scheduled action comes up in Next when it is time to do it. I check it off when done and it comes up again when it is time again. Focus shows me those scheduled actions when it is time and also any other actions that I have specifically marked with the star for focus. I need to get back to working more in GTD and this helps me. Thank you for that clear explanation. Yes, it makes sense.
Edit: I see that you explained that on the website describing features of Everdo.