Recurring Items in Project View, Setting up Review Project

I created a daily review project. In this project I created some tasks that I repeat every day. I have come across a couple issues:

  1. I’d like to be able to choose the days that I repeat (for instances every Monday - Friday but not weekends). Can I do this? Maybe I missed the feature.

  2. As indicated above I created a bunch of tasks to recur everyday. When I look at the project view, I see duplicates within the next view. Is that the intention? Did I screw something up?


This is easy. Edit task, then click “Schedule” > “Make Repeating” then configure it like this:


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This is by design. Here is what happens:

The recurring tasks you have created act as a “template” from which copies are created on schedule.

So when you schedule a task to recur every day, then you will get a copy of it created daily and moved to the “next” list. You can edit/complete/delete this copy and it will not affect the original “template” task.

Hope this makes it clear.

A bit of advice. The way you are setting this up can work (see my previous replies), but I think it’s not the best way.

The way I recommend to do things like this: Instead of a project, you create a single recurring task with a checklist:


This is much simpler to set up, and you are more likely to consistently complete the review if it’s all in one task.

If you think about it, a review is just a list of steps to take and not really a project with independent actions. So this setup is fine from GTD perspective.

Agreed, I think the checklist would work better and be more efficient…I wasn’t sure how to create it, but found it on the preview video.

Thanks again, I’ve just been throwing questions out as I ran into them. I missed the + sign when scheduling weekly, thanks for bearing with me.

No problem. Feel free to ask more :slight_smile: