Recurring tasks: Start is equal to Due Date today, but shows Tommorrow in Focus

Hi There,

Unfortunately, the recurring “Scheduled” tasks do not work as expected (Desktop App Everdo 1.8.5 Pro).

I have tried several times to create tasks to be processed daily (weekdays), weekly or even monthly. I think I have understood the concept of cloning templates.

I have proceeded as follows in each case:

  1. click on “Scheduled” > “New Item”
  2. enter data in the window of the new item
  3. click on the button “Scheduled” > “Make repeating”
  4. enter the “Repeats” (daily)
  5. “Starts” today
  6. click on "Save
  7. choose a “Due Date” today (so that it is displayed under “Focus”)
  8. click on "Save

Result: The task is displayed in the “Scheduled” overview, it is marked for “Focus” and shows “Due today”. As far as expected.
Under “Next” the task is also displayed, marked for the “Focus”, but shows “Due tomorrow”. I would expect “Due today” to be displayed here as well.
Under “Focus” I see two tasks with the same title: one with “Due today”, without a checkbox in front, but with the repeat icon and the date of tomorrow; the other with “Due tomorrow” can be ticked off. The second with “Due tomorrow” is moved to “Done” when it is checked off and vanished from “Next”.

Furthermore, recurring “Scheduled” templates sometimes just disappear, so the setup is not very reliable for me. However, this is difficult for me to reproduce.

Am I doing something wrong or is there actually a problem here?

Kind regards

It seems like you are marking the template as Due Today, which is why it’s displayed in Focus along with the clone that has repeated today.

Normally your template would sit in Scheduled without any due date, and your clones would go to Next/Focus automatically, and have a due date, if configured with “set due after x days” in the scheduling dialog.

Normally a template would disappear only if it has run out, that is no further recurrence is projected. Or if the action is scheduled for a specific date it will simply be moved to Next/Focus on the appropriate date.