Repeated Actions - Reset interval on completion

I am looking for a way to make repeated actions where the interval resets when it is marked complete.

Here is an example use case: Let’s say I need to replace a water filter every 2 weeks. But for the current iteration, let’s say that I am 4 days late. After I mark it complete, the next instance of the action should appear 2 weeks from when I completed it, not 2 weeks since it was last scheduled.

Otherwise for the next time, I would be replacing the filter early — when it still has some life left in it.

Here is an app that works like this:

The way that Everdo repeated actions work now is great for things with fixed intervals like bills (e.g. rent is always due on the first of the month, etc.). If you are late on one iteration, your future iterations should not shift.

However, there are cases where the interval does need to shift.



Hello. I think you are describing a feature that is now in development. It will allow to repeat items based on desired frequency, in addition to the current schedule-based approach.


Thanks @Andrei. I’m glad that you’re already working on it!