Repeated scheduled Item Sync Issue

While my computer was off I completed a schedule focus item.
I synced my android device
When I came back to my linux workstation.

The repeated scheduled item was still in focus
The repeated schedule item from the completion was showing in focus but not actionable.

This seems to only happen when I leave my computer off overnight.

Maybe everdo desktop is updating the scheduled items before the sync completes?

Do you turn the computer off, or do you suspend/hibernate?

Sorry, I didn’t get a notification for your reply. Off usually.

When the app first starts it should try to sync before running the scheduler, but if the internet is not up yet, then the scheduler will run anyway.

Alternatively there may be a bug causing the invalid timing. I will create a ticket so that it’s investigated.

So maybe I’m only noticing on repeated items…

I had my laptop open after midnight, it generated new tasks, I let it suspend and I went to bed. I checked the tasks in the morning on my phone. The tasks were regenerated.

When I looked at the last sync on the laptop it was displaying: Synced 2021-02-27T15:23:07+03:00

I would have expected it sync after task generation.

It does not sync when I hit the sync button despite being connected to internet, the sync option stays grayed out and nothing happens for at least 15 minutes

Restarting the application appears to correct the issue

Do you find this sync behavior repeating? Can you reproduce it easily?

It’s possible that a bug might cause autosync break on suspend in some specific sircumstances.

Yes, occasionally. Not sure entirely when it happens. I will attempt to determine reproduction steps when I have some time.

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