Repeated tasks and the server

I have a server set up to sync the clients on multiple computers.
I also have some repeated tasks scheduled to repeat daily.

I found out that on one computer I keep ticking the task as completed for about a week (i.e. 7 days in a row).
I then log into another computer, start the client, and I see that this task was created 7 times, and 7 copies are waiting for me in the “Focus” section.
Is this the intended behavior? Can I somehow make sure that those tasks for the 7 past days don’t get resurrected if I ticked them on another machine?

This shouldn’t normally happen. Do you have the server and the client apps updated? Does this happen on a specific client, but not others (say, Android). Any pointers of this sort would help identify the root cause.

Thanks for the quick reply!
It happened to me with 2 instances of desktop clients. One of them may not have been updated to the latest version (not at home atm).
Let me make sure that both clients are updated, and if I can reproduce this after that.


Yeah I’m asking because there was definitely a bug like this fixed in the past. Next time you notice this, please let me know.

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