Repeating task due date

Not sure to call this a bug, but I cannot find any valid use for the way it works. The “Set due date when the action is repeated” checkbox seems to be completely useless and broken.

What I want is a repeating task that starts every week on Monday and is due on Saturday of that week. I now understand from other threads here that doesn’t really work, but I had tried set up a repeating task any way and set it to start on Monday (1/18) and be due on Saturday (1/23) and set the “Set due date when the action is repeated” checkbox. I ended up with this weeks version of the task in my focus list with a due date of today but also with the next version of the task starting on 1/25 but with a due date of 1/23. Under what conditions would this be something you want.

I have removed the due date from my task, but the behavior here seems extremely broken.

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Set due date currently works as designed - it is limited to setting the due date to be equal to the repeating date.

However, for the use case that you are describing, there is an entry in the backlog entitled “Set due date relative to the repeating date”.

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I was looking for this feature a few days ago, too.
Atm I do not have use for repeating tasks that start and and are due at the same time. I always want some time ahead before that task is due.
A repeating start date on the other hand often does the job, seeing the task popping up and then deciding when it should be due works ok most times.

I understand you haven’t implemented controlling the due date, but the behavior I was seeing made no sense. I thought that behavior was due to the “Set due date when the action is repeated” checkbox, but I think now it is just when you create a repeating task and assign a due date to it

So for example it is now Sunday and if I:

  • Create a task that repeats weekly on Monday
  • Have that start on last Monday
  • Set the due date on the task to Saturday (i.e. yesterday)

What you then end up with in your focus list are two tasks that are overdue. One is the initial instance, but you end up with the repeating instance appearing in your focus list saying it starts tomorrow but was due yesterday.

If you do the same scenario but enable the “Set due date when the action is repeated” checkbox you end up with the initial instance of the task with a due date of today instead of yesterday and like before the repeating task shows as starting tomorrow but due yesterday.

Bottom line setting a due date on a repeating task is causing weird, confusing behavior that you might want to clarify/fix.

You don’t just set the due date to Saturday, but rather to a specific date. Thus you shouldn’t expect the due date to occur on any other date.

It’s impossible to correctly set a due date on a repeating item itself, since it’s only a template on which the actual actions will be based and each such action should have a different due date relative to its creation date.

So until there is an ability to set relative due dates, there is nothing to fix here.

Agreed that it is impossible to “correctly” set the due date, but you can set the due day, though it causes incorrect behavior. The thing to fix would be to prevent this from happening.