Repeating task on 30th of the month

Hello @everdo,
yesterday I switch to the pro-version of everdo. Today I’m filling it with all my stuff from Todoist.

I have a question about the repeating tasks set on the 30th of the month: What will happen to these repeating tasks at the end of february since there is no 30th of the month… I am concerning about this because I put quite many task like this down in Everdo relating to things that has to be paid at the end of the month… Putting all items on the 28th doesn’t make sense because usually the money didn’t arrive yet and there would be nothing to be able to do about it. Setting it on the 1st of the month would be to late.
Can I rely on Everdo being able to calculate this automatically? Or do I have so set another task to this topic within my system to remind me of thinking about it at the end of february?

Love this piece of tool.

Hello @Almut ,

Tasks scheduled for the 30th will not get repeated in Feb, since there is no 30th. If your intention is to repeat on the last day of month, you can simply use the “last day of month” option:


Hello @Andrei ,
thanks a lot. Now I understand this option. It works well for my needs. :sweat_smile: