Repetitions scheduled too early with combination of "Every 2 weeks" and "Do not repeat until complete"

I have a task I need to do every 2-4 weeks on Friday. The way I tried to model this is with a repeating task set up like this:


However, this doesn’t really work the way I imagined. What I expected is this: The task pops a clone into my Next and Focused lists on a Friday, with a due date 14 days later (so I have an indication when I really shouldn’t put it off any longer). No new clones are created until I tick that one off. If I tick off the clone and it’s Friday, March 4, I expect the next clone to be created on Friday, March 18. If I tick it off on Thursday, March 3, I think it should also create the next clone on Friday, March 18, but I could understand it it went for Friday, March 11 instead.

However, that’s exactly what I just did, and the next repetition is scheduled for Friday, March 4. And the one I just ticked off was created on Friday, Feb 25. In other words, I get a repetition every week now instead of every 2 weeks, at least if I tick off the task within a week (not sure what would have happened had I waited until tomorrow or fiddled with my system clock - this is a bit tedious to test).

I may be misunderstanding how repeated tasks are supposed to be scheduled, but I’m filing this as a bug because I don’t see how a setting of “every 2 weeks” is compatible with the task reappearing every week.

I ticked off the new clone from yesterday today and the next repetition is scheduled for March 18 which sounds correct. I’m still confused as to what exactly is happening.