REQ: Symbol library

As a user, I want expanded visual cues for items in any of my lists so that I can mentally sort each item in any list at-a-glance.

Acceptance Criteria: In lieu of the single star symbol, allow users to select from a library of possible symbols. The user decides what the symbols mean for their GTD system.

Background: When I perform a weekly review, I like to flag certain items with symbols to provide visual clues for later viewing. I will use symbols to show things like…

This week (as in this is a goal for the week even though there’s no due date)
Blocked (I would work on this, but I can’t - possibly due to waiting, but not necessarily)
Research item
Maintenance item


How about emojis in tags?

You can go to and copy and paste into an Everdo item to see if they work.

That actually works pretty well! The emojii rendering is more visually appealing on a mobile device than the desktop application, but that’s to be expected.

Speaking of mobile devices…I have an option to change the color of tags on iOS, but I don’t see the same option on the desktop? The desktop application does render the tags in the colors set in the iOS app though.


Simply right click on the tag and set color.

Outstanding, thanks!