Reset my iPhone and can't restore back to normal


I have the ESS license for a year and obviously the Everdo $99 or whatever it was and I had my iPhone syncing well before no issues but I had to reset my iPhone and now I’m sort of stuck. I can’t seem to figure out how to sync again.

I tried to launch the QR thing on the iPhone and it won’t work.

On the iPhone I saw an iOS 39.99 fee which I don’t recall ever seeing. This doesn’t apply to me I would think as I had it before correct. Anyway I need some help getting back to normal.


Have you tried following the mobile app pairing steps? What goes wrong?

Resolved back to normal but iPhone app wouldn’t scan QR code

Hello, you could use iTunes to restore your iPhone again. Before that, please update the app to the latest and back up your data to avoid some errors. If this way doesn’t work, then you could bring your iPhone back to normal through an iPhone restore software. During the process, no data will be lost.