[Resolved] Android: App freezes after using it for less than a minute after launching

Hello Andrei,

since a couple of days ago the Android app freezes after launching. It is usable for less than a minute and then freezes, remaining like that indefinitely. All other apps in my phone work fine; Everdo is the only one freezing.

Do you know what could be the problem?

Unfortunately I don’t see any freeze reports in Google Play, so it’s tough to debug.

I will investigate the issue and let you know as soon as possible.

Meanwhile you could try disabling auto-sync on Android and see if that helps. Also, I assume your other devices are working fine?

This issue is caused by one of the repeating items. I don’t know the title of the item because of encryption, but it has id 155E1004D0BE47AEA7F7865E953F2A24.
You can find out the title of the item by performing a CSV Export on a computer and searching for this ID in a text editor. Once identified, I suggest removing and re-creating the item, since it will take some time to implement and release a proper fix for the underlying issue.

Hello Andrei, thank you for your amazingly quick response.

As suggested I disabled autosync, deleted that recurring task you found and emptied trash. I also deleted app cache, reboot phone but it still freezes as before.

In other devices it works fine (IOS, WIN).

I presume that maybe there are other recurring tasks that could be problematic, but I don’t know how I can find out which ones.

You are right, there is a bunch of tasks that trigger this issue. I understand it could be problematic for you to re-create all of them, so it might be worth it to wait for an actual fix in the app.


With your insight I think I found a way to sort it out, at least by now. I went through all my recurring tasks and I found that in many of them the ‘Do not repeat until the previous iteration is complete’ option was unexpectedly unchecked. I ticked the check in all of them and now the app is running smoothly again.

Thank you very much Andrei

I found the same issue the morning and it panicked me a bit! Thanks for your tip - I’ve done the same and it’s no longer freezing!

An update will be published today to take care of this freeze.

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Thank you very much Andrei. Excellent support.

Brilliant. Thanks, Andrei!

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Thanks a lot, I had the same issue in the last couple of days