[Resolved] Cannot share key with Everdo on iOS

I have successfully upgraded on Linux and Android, but on iOS I am stumped. Following the Everdo iOS app’s instructions, I share the .key file, selecting “Open in Everdo”. When I do, I am returned to the iPhone’s home screen. There is no informational or error message. When I reopen Everdo, it tells me I am still on the free tier. What might I try next?

I am on Everdo 1.3-3 on an iPhone 7 running iOS 13.6.

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I will look into this and let you know as soon as possible.

This problem may occur when the file is in the iCloud, but not downloaded to the device. Could you try downloading the file in the Files app first before sending it to Everdo?

Thanks. It is true that the file was originally in iCloud and my first attempt to share it with Everdo was when it was there. However, I have also (1) downloaded the file, then shared it, and (2) moved the downloaded file to a local folder, then shared it. In each case the behavior is as originally described.

I just did this action successfully in Everdo 1.3-3, IOS 13.6 on a iPhone XR and it worked but took a couple of attempts as I learned the process. It saved as noted before in icloud. I needed to move the file locally on the device and then share it with the Everdo app instead of just trying to open the file. I don’t remember a prompt saying it was accepted but I made sure to check under settings and product tier.

@Andrei Same thing happened today early in iOS Everdo 1.6.3-1
The key file was in a local folder, then I shared it to Everdo ,I was returned to the iPhone’s homescreen and the Everdo-Settings still on the free tier
here is a screenrecord link (Sorry the screenrecord is too big to up load in the forum)

Thank you for the screencast. It looks like a crash when reading the key. As a quick potential fix, I would try downloading the key again using a different approach. For example if you downloaded it from email on the phone, then try downloading on a PC, then moving it to the phone via iCloud. I suggest this because there was a similar issue before when the key gets corrupted in transit.
Meanwhile I will look at the code and try to solve this on my end.

Importantly, please send the key file that you are trying to import to me at andrei@everdo.net
It’s possible that the bug is related you your specific key.