[Resolved] Can't sync on Android...any suggestions?

I’m Dio, and I’m new to Everdo.
Really love how this app works. It’s very interesting. Great job!
But… I have a problem when trying to sync from my Android.
On my laptop (using Linux Mint) I set everything. That is my main server. And when I restart Everdo and open it again, green massage indicates that API is up.
But…on my Android when I refresh the screen (after inserting IP, Port, API) it just shows “Communication error”.

I read almost everything on Everdo website but can’t figure out whats the problem.
Also I checked my IP from my web browser on my laptop and it’s showing me warning massage, so it’s working correctly.
And also I turned off my firewall on my laptop, but that didn’t help…

I don’t know what is the issue here with syncing my android phone to my laptop.
What should I do ?
Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,
With love and respect,

I just found out that if I connect my mobile to my Mobile data and my laptop to the same internet from Hotspot everything works just fine. All my notes are syncing.

But how can I use my internet from my home ( I want to use my WiFi network, not the mobile data)

If anyone has this problem like me, here what you need to do:

  1. Laptop → turn off the Firewall (or in your firewall make exception for your port)
  2. Android → make sure you are on the same WiFi that your laptop is and go to the advanced WiFi options in your mobile ( it’s different for any mobiles ) and here click on the WPS connection. (ones and close it again) This will reset the IP properly.
  3. Write something in your mobile and refresh the scene. Everything will sync to your computer/laptop. :smiley: