[Resolved] Context stays when removed

I have a few todos with a context-label that I’ve deleted. However, the label stays on there in the list-view and the todos keep coming up in the search for that label.
When I click to edit the todo, the label is not listed under active labels, and I am able to add it again, but removing it does nothing.

Could you please specify the platform? What type of sync are you using? Additionally, please try to provide specific steps you are going through and what your expectations are, because I’m having a hard time understanding what’s happening based on the original description alone.

Thank you!

Sorry Andrei, it always makes a lot of sense when you are describing things to yourself, you only notice the faults when others have to understand it too :sweat_smile:

I am on a Mac and syncing to an Android phone with Encrypted Sync Service. I created a label with an @ in front of it. I added it to a few tasks.

Then when I try to remove it from one of them, it will stay visible in the list mode, no matter how many times I try to remove the label and save. It doesn’t show in the “tags” area if you open the task:
Everdo%20call%202 !

But it does show in the tag area in the list and the task still shows up if you search for that tag:

I’ve added screenshots to make it a little clearer, I hope. Let me know if it’s still vague!

This looks a lot like the tag is being inherited from the parent (project). If that’s not the case, then would you please let me know whether you observe the same behavior on other devices, or with other tags and items.

You are right. I hadn’t even noticed the tag on the project. Thanks!