[Resolved] DB and configuration reset after upgrading the AUR package

After upgrading from 1.3.10 to 1.4.1 everything in ~/.config/everdo is overwritten, including the db with all tasks.
The program starts with a new demo stuff and all tasks are gone.



This is very strange to me.

The demo tasks that you are seeing get created only if there is no database file found during application start.

The application cannot possibly delete or overwrite the database, there is simply no code for that. Removing files in the home directory is quite impossible as well…

Could you please answer a few questions that might help understand what happened?

What is your OS and what installation steps have you used?
Did the configuration reset to defaults as well (sync, product key)?

Hi Andrej,
I’m on Manjaro (Arch-based) and used the AUR package, that uses the pamac file you also linked in the downloads. Additionaly I have a symbolic link to ~./config/everdo, because I tend to git my configs (stupidly I have not yet done it with the db).
As I did not have a product key yet, I can not tell if this settings got overwritten. But the “week start on monday” was not checked (which should).

I’m on arch, and I have installed 1.4.1 via pacman -U just fine…

Is everything correct with the symlinks to .config?

There is simply no code that could wipe files in the app… Unless something went wrong with the installation, or the symlinks, or the git setup, I’m out of ideas…

Although the installation should not touch the .config either.

Could you install the old version again, create some tasks and upgrade to see if you can reproduce the issue? Particularly see at which point the files get removed/overwritten.

I tried multiple situations and can not reproduce it. I guess there is some issue with my dotfiles handling but couldn’t get into it deeply.
At least I recovered some tasks with the help of grep on the block device.

So I guess, this can be closed for now.

Thx, Andrei