[Resolved] Error in data sync

I have three devices using Local Network Sync.
An iPhone, a home pc , and a office pc.
On weekends, I used my home pc to add a task. At the same time, I modified the title of this task on the iPhone.

Then I finished it on the iPhone and synchronized it to Sever normally. I can see that this task has been completed on my home pc.

When I finish synchronizing data on the office pc on weekdays, I found that this task has not been completed, and it is still the version when I first added it on my home pc.
At this time, I went to the iPhone to confirm that the correct task has actually been completed. I checked the synchronization settings, and the synchronization of the three devices is normal.
I tried to restart the office pc, but it’s not work.
PS:My Local Network Sync Server is built on the public cloud.And my English is not good, I hope I have expressed my meaning, thank Andrei very much!

I had another problem at home today with my iPhone syncing with my home PC. The tasks I had done on my iPhone were still displayed as unfinished on my home PC. It was restored after I had archived the tasks I had done on my iPhone, is this the expected operation?

I’m trying to migrate my GTD system to everdo and buy Pro, and I really like everything about Everdo so far, except for this Bug, hopefully it will be dealt with as soon as possible, thank you.

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Are you sure that clocks are set accurate on all devices? This is very important for correct sync.

Could you try to produce the issue on purpose and then outline the minimum required steps to produce the issue?

I confirm that the time is correct, especially the time of this work PC with synchronization error is the same as that of the server.
I tried to reproduce the Bug, but it was not stable. However, I kept the wrong task on my work PC. I wonder if you can analyze it through the log. Do I need to provide the log?

To add a message, I just tried to synchronize manually and forced to pull the data. At present, the data is normal, the wrong task disappears, and the normal task also appears on the achrive page.
Now that the data is normal, I am relieved for the time being. I will buy the Pro version and migrate it. Of course, I still expect you to continue to investigate this problem. I will provide all cooperation, thank you.

However, I found another problem, that is, after I finish a task on the iPhone, I won’t sync it to the PC immediately. I need to manually achrive on the iPhone before I can sync it correctly on the PC. Is this future?

Do you have auto-sync enabled on the iPhone? With this option enabled, it should send updates to the server every few seconds. The iOS app has a switch to enable auto-sync in sync settings.

I’m not sure what exactly you are doing at this point. Please try to isolate one issue at a time and provide concrete steps to reproduce it step by step. This will help me understand the problem and provide support.

Also I suggest that you make sure the app works for you before buying - this is why the free version exists.

I’m sorry this post is a little confusing. At present, the problem I encounter is that I don’t know when the data synchronization error will suddenly occur. The main phenomenon is that the data synchronization error will occur in the desktop version of a certain client from time to time (in fact, the data on the Server version and the data on the iOS version are correct).
There is almost no regular time for this problem to occur. I tried to check the main.log file of the client, but no error message was found. How can I help you investigate this problem ?
By the way, I usually hibernate my work computer before the start of the weekend, and recover from hibernation after the work day start. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it.
Therefore, everdo pc client will go through a two-day dormant period and then wake up. of course, during this period, my server is always online and running normally.

I’m continuing to look into this, but there is no success so far. Please let me know if you notice any patterns.

I think I have found a way to reproduce it.
Probably, I create a task on the iPhone, and then synchronize it to the PC. At this time, I sleep the PC directly without closing the client, then finish the task on the iPhone, and finally wake up the PC, and there will be an unfinished task.
I have given you the reproduction steps in the message of video links.

Thank you, this will help a lot!

This problem has been solved in the new version, thanks to Andrei !!