[Resolved] ESS sync error, status code 500

I renewed my ESS subscription yesterday afternoon. My sync just stopped working suddenly this morning on my Windows desktop (1.8.2) with Communication Error: Status code 500.

My Android is still syncing fine, as is my laptop. I tried rebooting, logging out and into sync and reinstalling Everdo. When I try setting up a fresh ESS sync, it just gets stuck at the finalising setup window.

Hello Chris, I’m looking into this as the top priority. I will update you as soon as possible.

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Thanks, Andrei. I was hoping it was just a weird blip with my PC, but Everdo also worked fine on my work desktop today, and on arriving home just now, my home desktop is still playing up.

In case someone runs into this before the underlying issue is fixed - there is a bug in handling dates far in the future, for example year 2038 and beyond, which causes the sync server to crash for any action scheduled with such a date. Removing the scheduled date resolved this symptom.


Is there an issue with the Sync Service? Since yesterday my Everdo Syncing is not working properly. Sometime it works, sometimes delayed, sometimes I’m also getting the Communication error: Status code 500 when I press “Sync” in the settings.

I did not renew my subscription. My most distant scheduled is 2032, but I created it a long time ago and the Sync Service had no Problem with it… It is the first time, that I have issues with syncing.

I’m using Windows (1.8.2) and two Android mobile devices.

Hey there, do you still experience issues with sync?

Yeah, I still have issues with the Sync Service. I couldn’t get it to work for me again… Still Status Code 500.

Yesterday I changed back to local sync, which works fine for me now.