[Resolved] Extra text after inline command gets deleted

If I add an action “some new action :f more text” it gets created as “some new action” and “focus” is set. The text “more text” gets deleted.

I realize that the documentation states

To apply a command you need to put it at the end of an item’s title.

so it’s ambiguous what should happen when the command is not at the end.

My expectation would be either:

  • Don’t parse the inline commands if they are not at the end i.e. leave the entire action as “some new action :f more text”
  • or, parse the inline commands and leave the additional text as it is i.e. the final action would be “some new action more text” with “focus” set

In case you decide not to change anything, possibly a clarification in the documentation would be helpful.

Hi Omar,

I couldn’t find a lot of value in changing the current behavior, so I updated the documentation page to mention the truncation of text. Inline Commands | Everdo Help