[Resolved] iOS 13: Everdo not available in Share so cannot use .key file

I have searched here and maybe missed it but I see no options for Share in Everdo and iOS does not register an extension. So I cannot share my product key from Files to activate nor share tasks to it.

Using iPhone 11 Pro Max and latest App Store version. Any help appreciated.

Complete off topic note:

  • Properly handling areas and projects is your USP and I wish more people knew about this app
  • Having a local API is :ok_hand:, you mad your tool indispensable within 20 mins of install.

Hey, glad you are enjoying the app. Importing the key should definitely work. What happens when you initiate Share and then press “More” at the end of the list of apps? The Suggestions section should contain “Open in Everdo”.

I apologise. I wasted your time. It was there and it was unlocked.

I SWEAR to you, it was not there yesterday. In more or anything under actions. You can add a Solved/Idiot customer tag here if you want. If it was an issue, it was likely iOS or the app just needed some time (:woman_shrugging:)

Thanks for the rapid response

Glad it’s resolved, don’t worry about it.