[Resolved] Labels not working correctly (duplicate labels created)

I have the issue on desktop app, that I have now 3 different “Home” and “Work” Labels. When I create a new task, I select the existing “Home” or “Work” Label, but Everdo keeps on creating new labels. On my Android Phone App, the app crashed when I then tried to delete one of the double layers.

It’s strange that a bug like this could go unreported, so I think there are some special circumstances in play here. I couldn’t reproduce this bug as well.
Please try deleting the duplicate tags in the desktop app, then try to write down or record the specific steps required to create a duplicate tag.

sorry for late reply, after deleting the duplicate location labels, it seems to work fine again.

Glad it works! I’m going to close this topic, since we can’t reproduce the issue and it’s unlikely that another user will find this topic to report the same issue.