[Resolved] Sync feature does not work after changing distro

I have been using Everdo on my laptop running Ubuntu for the last 3 months as a server. I also had my iPad and iPhone synced with the server, everything was fine.

Today, I switched from Ubuntu to Fedora, and have been using Everdo’s AppImage format. The problem I’m facing is that I set up my Everdo on my laptop as the main server again, but now my iPhone and iPad won’t sync even though the API is enabled and working.

Do you have any idea why the sync function is not working, and how to fix it?

Do you have the same sync configuration of the new server as you used to have on the old server?
When you trigger a sync on a mobile device by swiping down on a mobile device, what notification do you see?
Try following the steps outlined in Local Network Sync | Everdo Help to exclude network/firewall misconfiguration.

No, I have changed the configuration but I have applied the same configuration on all my devices but they don’t sync. I get a “comm error” on my client devices.

Now, I have been trying the connection test through*** but I get a “Secure Connection Failed” error on my main server’s browser.

The problem was fixed after I uninstall the firewalld package on Fedora and restarted the machine.

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Good, thanks for the update.